K.P.'s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 7

K.P.'s Corner

I have been reflecting lately on some of the last words my uncle spoke to me. When I was just a boy, my mom told me he may be dying, so I went to see him. He could hardly talk, but he managed to say words that I would not understand until later: “I only wish . . . I only wish . . .”

When I asked my mother why he said these words, she explained that he was a believer and had several opportunities to serve God and give his life on behalf of the lost world. But he just couldn’t walk away from other things in his life. She guessed he was saying, “If only I had another opportunity.”

I am not sure if that is what my uncle was communicating to me, but I am grateful you and I don’t have to live with regrets because we are helping to bring the Good News to those waiting. It brings me much joy to see young men and women like Salena who have decided in their youth to use their lives to glorify God and see His kingdom come on earth. Your support is making that possible.

Through your generosity and prayers, you have helped us not only to bring education and hope to children, but also to share Christ’s love with them. They can now go on to become the men and women God has created them to be.

It’s such a privilege we have to impact lives like these in the name of Christ. I hope you are encouraged to know that as we continue to follow the Lord’s call, we won’t have to come to the end of our lives in regret, wishing for another opportunity.

Someday you and I will be at the throne of God, standing with multitudes that no man can number, before the Lord who gave His life for them. Thank you for choosing to live your life in light of this reality, partnering with our brothers and sisters to reach these people with the Good News.

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