Young Girl’s Healing Leads to Jesus Well, Restores Village
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 5

Young Girl’s Healing Leads to Jesus Well, Restores Village

Typhoid, jaundice and malaria ravaged first-grader Pranati’s little body all at once.

She had become the victim of a harsh climate—and of drinking contaminated water. She was on the cusp of death when she was admitted to the hospital.

Pranati’s family tried everything in their power to make her well. They gave special offerings and prayers to their gods and even sought help from witch doctors, but her condition worsened. The fever affected her brain, causing her to act strangely. She would unexplainably burst into weeping or shouting or suddenly become silent.

While Pranati was in the hospital, her grandfather, Karmendra, heard about Gospel for Asia pastor Randhir Mehra. He was told if this pastor came and prayed for his granddaughter, she could be healed.

Karmendra found Pastor Randhir, and when the pastor heard of the girl’s grave situation, he immediately went with Karmendra to the hospital. Pastor Randhir prayed for Pranati and told her family about Jesus Christ’s great love for them.

Healing Opens a Door

Miraculously, Pranati’s health was restored, and she was able to go home after spending three months in the hospital. The entire community was amazed at Jesus’ healing power. In fact, four families chose to give their lives to Jesus as a result of this healing, including Pranati’s grandparents. This also opened up a door for Pastor Randhir to minister in their village.

Pastor Randhir started making regular trips into the village to share the love of Jesus and teach from God’s Word. Every Saturday he held a prayer meeting at Karmendra’s house. As a result of these prayer meetings, 13 believers joined the fellowship in one month!

While Pastor Randhir spent time with the villagers, he realized their great need for clean water. They depended on a river a half-mile away and a nearby lake for their water, but in the summertime, these two bodies of water dried up. They could only farm during monsoon season, and the lack of water forced the families to move to rented rooms in the nearby city every summer. So Pastor Randhir requested a Jesus Well for the village.

Jesus Well Impacts Lives

Workers planned to drill the well next to Karmendra’s home. Even though local officials said the village was too dry for a well, fresh water came forth from it! Full of joy, the people magnified and admired the Lord for this miracle.

Now that the village has enough clean water, the overall health of the community has improved. The villagers don’t need to fear becoming sick like Pranati did. In addition, people have been able to live in the village even during the hot summer months.

The villagers are so thankful for this Jesus Well and how it has enhanced their lives. Because it is right next to his house, Karmendra loves telling people about Jesus when they come to draw water from the well. Now 15 people are coming to the prayer meetings in Karmendra’s home each Saturday.

Through Pranati’s healing, Jesus’ love has transformed this village. Thank you for helping make this possible.

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