Pastor’s Question Leaves Young Man Stunned
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 5

Pastor’s Question Leaves Young Man Stunned

One Sunday, Dhruvesh went to church as usual, but after the service, Pastor Tarak pulled him aside.

Dhruvesh fervently prayed for a bicycle. The young man had no hope of reaching his job on time every day without steady transportation.

Before he ever had a job, Dhruvesh grew up in a poor family with little opportunity to rise above his poverty. He had no work to support himself, and his mother often fell sick. In such times there was no one to care for him.

One day, while Dhruvesh met with some Christian friends, they asked him to share any prayer requests he had so they could pray for him. After Dhruvesh told them of his various struggles, they invited him to go to church with them.

Dhruvesh visited the church and there met Gospel for Asia pastor Tarak. The pastor prayed for him and invited him to come to church regularly.

A week later, Pastor Tarak and his family visited Dhruvesh to pray for him. They assured him God could wipe away all his tears and use him for His glory. As the days passed, Dhruvesh began attending prayer meetings, where he found encouraging fellowship and grew in his faith in Christ.

God began providing for Dhruvesh when another believer at his church asked about his welfare. When Dhruvesh explained he had no job, his friend helped him find one.

The job was a good opportunity, but it was almost 10 miles away, making it too far to commute on foot. Dhruvesh had to ask others to give him rides to and from his workplace; he needed a more secure mode of transportation. It was then that he began asking God for a bicycle.

One Sunday, Dhruvesh went to church as usual, but after the service, Pastor Tarak pulled him aside.

“Do you want a bicycle?” Tarak asked.

Dhruvesh was surprised the pastor had known his need.

“Yes! I am in need of a bicycle,” he replied.

Only a week later, Pastor Tarak called Dhruvesh to church. He told the young man that God had heard his prayer, and then he presented Dhruvesh with a new bicycle.

Dhruvesh could not contain his delight. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he thanked Jesus for His provision. Now Dhruvesh can reach his job on time every day. He is very grateful to those who made the way for him to receive the gift.

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