Miracles Shake City of Poverty, Hostility
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 5

Miracles Shake City of Poverty, Hostility

As Gospel for Asia pastor Rajdeep ministers in a South Asian city, he is witnessing many remarkable events.

Before Pastor Rajdeep and his wife moved to this city in November 2012, many pastors had been deterred by the location’s lack of electricity and clean water and the dominance of anti-Christian groups, but God burdened Rajdeep and his wife for this city and began using them to touch many hearts there.

Bibhas became one of the first lives impacted.

Son’s Life Careens toward Destruction

As Pastor Rajdeep passed a man sitting outside his home, he took the opportunity to stop and talk. After only a few moments, the man, Bibhas, began weeping.

Bibhas and his wife lived with their son Motilal, Motilal's wife, and their two children. They were suffered as Motilal’s life swerved out of control, taking the entire family along for the ride. Unable to break his alcohol and drug addictions, Motilal drank every day and came home to beat his wife and children. He spent his earnings on alcohol, and due to his irresponsible behaviour, he eventually lost his job.

Without income, Motilal began taking his father’s hard-earned money—the only income left for all six family members—to feed his addictions. But because Motilal was their only son, Bibhas and his wife felt powerless to change or stop him.

When Bibhas met Pastor Rajdeep in front of his home and heard of a true hope, he couldn’t hold back his emotions.

Pastor Rajdeep gently asked the older man why he was crying, and Bibhas described his family’s plight. Sitting down, Pastor Rajdeep shared how Jesus transforms lives. Hearing this, Bibhas placed his hope in Christ and asked the pastor to pray for his son.

In addition to praying daily for God to change Motilal, Pastor Rajdeep started visiting the family regularly to talk with and pray for them. He also asked the believers in his congregation to intercede with him for Motilal.

‘Now I Am Completely Free’

After two months, Bibhas visited the pastor to joyfully share that Motilal had stopped drinking and started working on the family’s land!

“It is surely the work of God,” Bibhas said. “Now Motilal’s life is changed, and he has begun to care about us. I am truly glad.”

Bibhas asked the pastor to hold a prayer meeting in his home. When Pastor Rajdeep came a few days later, Motilal himself shared what God had done.

“I was addicted to alcohol and even other sorts of drugs for many years. Many times, I thought of leaving this bad habit, but I could not,” Motilal explained. “In the last month, my mind automatically began to abhor my behaviour, and gradually I stopped taking drugs. Now I am completely free from alcoholic bondage. It is surely the work of God that He transformed my life.”

That day, Motilal and his entire family decided to follow Jesus.

A Miracle of Growth

Now, Motilal’s family is growing in Christ and telling others what Jesus has done in their lives. Less than two years after Pastor Rajdeep’s arrival, many more people have similar testimonies, and he is leading five growing fellowships in a city once known for hostility toward Christianity.

God is doing miracles in this city because a pastor and his wife obeyed His call, and it is through your support and prayers that many more missionaries can labour faithfully. Thank you for partnering with them!

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