K.P.'s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 5

K.P.'s Corner

Reading the stories of Pastor Rajdeep simply fills me with wonder at all the Lord is doing. When I was 16, I left my home in South India and went north with a team of young people to share Christ’s love.

One of the villages I went to was the village where Pastor Rajdeep has been serving for the last year and a half. This was actually the first place I was given the privilege to suffer for Christ. Even now, I feel as though it is right before my eyes. We were beaten so badly that in the end, some of the brothers couldn’t even stand on their legs.

I will never forget this man who came out with a can of crude oil and threatened us, “We have brought this to pour it over you and your vehicle and burn you all down here.” They burned all our Bibles and our tracts in a heap in front of us, and we thought we were going to be burned too. But then another man said, “You dogs, you leave here in five minutes or we will kill you all!” Of course, we ran away. I can never forget it. For years, even just the name of that village filled me with fear.

That is why it is so amazing to see that Pastor Rajdeep is now leading five growing fellowships there. God has worked through the simple faithfulness of a brother and his wife who were willing to lay down their lives and take the risk to share the love of Christ in an area which was once so hostile to Jesus.

Thank you for faithfully praying for and supporting men and women like Pastor Rajdeep. Without your prayers upholding pastors and missionaries like him, we would never see such stories of God’s mighty hand at work. God moves in response to prayer, and I thank you so much for your partnership and desire to see His love shared among the unreached in our generation.

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