Girl’s Chronic Illness Overshadowed by New Dreams
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 5

Girl’s Chronic Illness Overshadowed by New Dreams

Neighbours whispered that Triveni’s health problems were happening because her family had done something wrong...

Triveni’s family did not know what to do. Due to a wound on her leg, their daughter frequently fell down and injured herself. As a result, she couldn't walk properly, had a suppressed appetite and often became weak and sick, suffering from fevers, colds and coughs. Although she took many medications, nothing could heal her.

Neighbours whispered that Triveni’s health problems were happening because her family had done something wrong, something that displeased her forefathers’ gods.

Triveni’s family prayed fervently to their gods, but her health still did not improve. They even visited witch doctors, but her condition only further deteriorated. At one point, her poor health stopped her from attending the Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope centre where she was enrolled.

The Bridge of Hope staff noticed Triveni’s absence and visited her home. When her parents explained the problem, Davis, one of the staff members, comforted the family with the Word of God, sharing from Deuteronomy 23:5.

“[Jesus] can cure all the diseases,” he said, “and can change [every] curse into a blessing.”

These words excited Triveni’s parents, and they asked Davis to pray for Triveni’s healing. As they continued to hope God would do a miracle, Triveni’s family also visited Davis’ church. There, the local GFA pastor prayed for Triveni, and God gradually healed her.

Triveni and her family realized that only Jesus has the power to do such a thing, and as a result, they put their faith in Him. Now they are continually growing in their faith as they attend church faithfully.

Healed from the illness that hindered her for so long, Triveni, 14, enjoys participating in Bridge of Hope again. Through the help of the staff there, she is receiving nutritious food and excelling in her studies, as exemplified by her consistently strong grades in school. She hopes one day to become a teacher so she can help other children thrive as she has.

Bridge of Hope does not simply provide for the physical needs of Triveni and thousands of other children; it also opens the door for entire families to experience the love of Jesus. Through your prayers and support of Bridge of Hope, parents are noticing vast improvements in their children’s attitudes and children are even being healed, just as Triveni was. Best of all, these transformations are revealing the love and power of Christ to entire communities, and many people are responding.

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