Able to Read of God’s Love
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 5

Able to Read of God’s Love

Farah not only taught Shona to read but also shared about the Lord, telling her and the other women in their literacy class about His work in her life and His goodness toward her and her family.

Listening to Farah’s testimony influenced Shona, who absorbed the stories of God’s faithfulness as she learned how to read and write. Once Shona could read, Farah gave her a New Testament to take home. Shona began reading the Bible regularly, and God’s Word started to take root in her life. She eventually responded to the call of Christ’s love and chose to follow Him.

Because Shona read the Bible out loud, her husband also heard the Good News and believed in Jesus. Now Shona and her husband attend a local fellowship, and Shona even leads the weekly Women’s Fellowship meetings.

Thanks to generous partners like you, Shona and so many other women have learned to read and write and, most important, have learned about Jesus through reading His Word.

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