Jesus Really Loves Me?
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 4

Jesus Really Loves Me?

No matter the age of a child, most parents will stay up all night waiting for them to return home.

This was definitely true for Himesh’s parents. They waited for 11-year-old Himesh when he stayed out late at night with friends. They tried to correct him, but Himesh never changed.

One day Himesh’s friend invited him to go visit Gospel for Asia pastor Chirayu Kiran. A very pleasant visit became even more joyful when Pastor Chirayu invited Himesh to stay for Vacation Bible School that afternoon. Himesh was filled with excitement with this invitation; he stayed all afternoon participating in the VBS program. For the first time, Himesh learned songs with actions, which gave him great happiness.

The next day Himesh came again to the VBS program and learned about the compassion of Jesus, especially toward children like him. That entire night he thought about the things he learned at VBS and decided he wanted to follow Jesus.

Obedience is Key

On the last day of VBS, all the other children were sharing what they had learned. When Himesh was also asked if he wanted to share, he was nervous at first but decided to go up anyway. In that moment, he told the other children that he wanted to open his heart to Jesus.

“Whatever situation may come in my life, I will not leave my Jesus, and [I] want to minister Him all the days of my life,” proclaimed Himesh.

He now listens carefully to his parents’ instruction and shares the love of Jesus with them, even if they do not understand.

Through your support of VBS programs just like the one Himesh attended, more children are coming to learn about the One who said, “Let the little children come to Me.”

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