Hole in Girl’s Heart No Match for Dedicated Staff
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 4

Hole in Girl’s Heart No Match for Dedicated Staff

Anavi broke down in tears when she heard the news: Her daughter Tvisha had a hole in her heart and needed surgery.

As a widow who struggled to provide for four children, Anavi knew she would never be able to afford the 350,000 rupees (approximately $5,800) needed for the surgery.

Medical Checkup Ends in Fear

Despite grinding poverty, Anavi had always managed somehow to feed her children. Then, the family’s situation looked up when Tvisha was enrolled in GFA Bridge of Hope, which provided for the girl’s education and a nutritious meal each day. When Anavi got a job as a cook at the Bridge of Hope centre, the family’s financial burden eased further. The family’s basic needs were met, and Tvisha began excelling in her studies.

One day, though, the Bridge of Hope centre hosted a medical camp for the children, inviting a pediatrician to give checkups to the students. When the doctor was checking Tvisha, he noticed something wasn’t right and concluded she might have a hole in her heart. He prescribed some tests for Tvisha, but Anavi didn’t know how or where these tests could be done. Tvisha was afraid upon hearing she might need to have surgery.

Miriam, one of the coordinators of the Bridge of Hope centre, encouraged Anavi and began praying with Anavi for God to heal Tvisha. Miriam also took on the responsibility of getting Tvisha the needed medical tests.

Miriam took Tvisha to a cardiac hospital two hours away to receive the tests, which confirmed that Tvisha did indeed have a hole in her heart. The doctors said that not having the operation could be very dangerous for Tvisha.

Going the Extra Mile for Girl’s Health

When Miriam explained the situation, Anavi began weeping. But over the following weeks and months, Miriam and the Bridge of Hope staff prayed for Tvisha and comforted Anavi, declaring that God would meet her financial need.

Meanwhile, Miriam learned of a hospital a few hours away where Tvisha could go for the surgery. But Tvisha would need to go there for tests beforehand. Her mother, who never left the village, couldn’t take her.

Miriam again stepped in to help; she took Tvisha to the hospital for tests and sought out a government official for financial help. He agreed that the government would pay for Tvisha’s surgery! Seeing this miracle of provision, the Bridge of Hope staff thanked God.

God’s faithfulness continued as the surgery approached. Shortly before Miriam and Tvisha were supposed to travel to the hospital, Tvisha got sick. But after the Bridge of Hope staff and families prayed for her, she quickly recovered.

The Lord also answered their prayers for a successful operation, and a few days afterward, Miriam brought a healthy Tvisha home. Tears streamed down Anavi’s face as she struggled to find words to thank Miriam.

“No one can do [so] much for others in this world [as what] Sister Miriam did for us. May God bless you, Sister Miriam Das,” Anavi said.

As Tvisha recovered, the Bridge of Hope staff continued to help, providing her with needed nutrition like fruit and eggs.

By God’s grace, Miriam and the Bridge of Hope staff were able to stand with Tvisha and her family throughout a challenging journey.

The Lord is using your support of Bridge of Hope to provide more children with the chance to not only receive education, but also experience Christ’s love through the compassion of staff members who are willing to go the extra mile.

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