Sewing in Due Time
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

May 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 3

Sewing in Due Time

Even though Minati was 45 years old, receiving a Christmas gift was still the highlight of her year. When Gospel for Asia presented her with a sewing machine, a very specific dream of hers finally came true.

Minati and her husband, both believers, live in a community where people once had no other source of income except working as laborers in a tea garden. Minati saw the challenges faced by her fellow villagers as they strove for their families’ survival. Her husband was a daily laborer himself, working hard to provide for their five children. Moved by compassion, Minati wanted to help her community.

With a background in tailoring, Minati gathered several neighbor women together with the hopes of teaching them to sew. The skill of sewing would represent a financial breakthrough for the women and their families, as their meager incomes could often barely provide food. If the family was in debt or someone got sick, their situation could spiral downward fast.

Unfortunately, the group could not come up with enough money to buy a sewing machine for classes.

A Miracle Revives Her Dream

Minati was disappointed, feeling there was no way she could help her neighbors.

“For some time, I thought, ‘I want to do good for people, but why isn’t God hearing my prayer?’ ” Minati remembers.

But the Lord knew Minati’s desires. Her pastor, Gunalan, had the privilege to distribute sewing machines from GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalogue—and one went to Minati.

A Hardworking Sewing Machine

Overjoyed, Minati lost no time putting her gift to work. The very next day, she went from house to house spreading the word that she would be teaching free tailoring classes. She started teaching four women, only one of whom was a Christian.

Minati passionately served her community because she knew the love of Jesus would bring transformation to their hearts and lives. She faithfully shared Gospel literature and New Testaments as she sewed for her neighbors.

When Pastor Gunalan heard that Minati was both repairing clothing for free and teaching multiple tailoring classes, he immediately made arrangements for the hardworking seamstress to receive a second sewing machine.

Minati’s goals have only grown. Her desire now is to teach 30 women each year to sew.

Gifts Bring Spiritual Fruit

Aditi is one of Minati’s students whose life has changed dramatically, thanks in part to her tailoring class.

“I am from a poor family background, and my husband is a worker in the tea garden,” says Aditi.

“Whatever he earns he spends for drinking alcohol, and I struggle to provide meals for my children. When I came to know about the free tailoring center, I was happy that I can also do something to earn money and give a good life to my children.

“Today, I am learning here because of the free teaching. Otherwise I could not afford it. I would like to put [in] a word for our teacher: She is very kind and loving and [is showing me] the true way and life of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

In response to God’s grace toward her, Aditi chose to follow the Lord.

“God delights in fulfilling our desires in due time,” Minati says. “Now I can say that He has fulfilled all my desire and gives me more than what I need. The people in the village give me more respect and honor for what I am doing, and I give all the glory and honor to my Almighty God.”

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