Saved from the Fate of Her 14 Siblings
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 2

Saved from the Fate of Her 14 Siblings

Although Navina had survived through her teen years, it seemed she would never recover.

Would Navina’s story end the same way her older siblings’ had? All 14 of Navina’s older siblings had died prematurely. Her family, devoted participants of their traditional religion, was victim to years of demonic oppression. Navina was no exception. Since she was 4 years old, demons had attacked her, leaving her in intense stomach pain that made her wail in agony.

Navina got married at age 15, but she had to move back home because her husband mistreated her. The pain of her broken marriage damaged her already fragile health; she became unable to even get out of bed.

Time for a Change

Navina’s parents had prayed to their gods for her healing and had given her medicine, but they feared she would die as her older siblings had. Although Navina, 20, had survived through her teen years, unlike 13 of her siblings, it seemed she would never recover.

But one day that changed.

Jesus Delivers Her from a Lifetime of Pain

When the local GFA pastor, Varun Gurram, came to visit Navina’s family, he listened to all the losses they had suffered and learned that Navina herself had been oppressed by demons for 16 years. He shared Jesus’ love with them and prayed for Navina. Feeling drawn to Jesus’ compassion and His power to break the bondage that had entangled them for so many years, Navina and her family believed in Christ.

Pastor Varun began visiting them regularly to encourage them and pray for them. Gradually, their faith in Jesus grew, and Navina’s health improved. She, her parents and her younger brother started attending church regularly, and in 2006 they made a full commitment to follow Jesus. God answered the fervent prayers of Pastor Varun, delivering Navina and healing her completely!

As time passed, Navina felt the Lord leading her to serve Him in ministry, and she began attending the local Gospel for Asia Bible college.

Freed—and Helping to Free Others

After graduating from Bible college in April, Navina went to a small town to serve in the Women’s Fellowship ministry there. As Navina has opportunities to share her testimony with people in her town, many are expressing interest in learning more about Jesus.

The owners of the room she and another woman missionary used to rent see that she is different. When she told their son, a 30-year-old schoolteacher, that she and her brother were only living because of God’s grace, he replied, “Your Jesus is surely alive.” Now he often comes to share prayer requests with Navina and her fellow missionary. As people see how God has transformed Navina’s life and family, He is using her to draw many people to Himself.

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