Passerby Impressed by Christians’ Generosity
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 2

Passerby Impressed by Christians’ Generosity

Ratnakar was just passing through the village. It was a day like any other—or so he thought.

His walk slowed when he spotted a group of people gathered. The crowd aroused his curiosity. Suddenly a voice rang out, drawing all attention to the front of the group.

This Jesus Well belonged to the whole village, the speaker said, and anyone could draw water from it without any hesitation.

Ratnakar realized the local church was inaugurating a well. But then confusion entered his mind. Why would the Christians want to share their well with the entire village? Hoping to have his questions answered, he stayed to listen to the rest of the program.

The speaker went on to share about the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

After the ceremony, Ratnakar approached the speaker, Gospel for Asia pastor Jalendra Singh, to find out more.

“Why are Christians doing this charitable work even though they do not know this community?” Ratnakar asked.

Pastor Jalendra was excited for the opportunity to share more about Christ’s love. He explained to Ratnakar the purpose of the Jesus Well and why they were glad to share it with the villagers.

Interested to hear more, Ratnakar invited the pastor to his house. Pastor Jalendra began to visit regularly and continued to share the love of Jesus with the family.

Seeing God’s care and concern, Ratnakar’s family decided to follow Christ as their Saviour. They are now serving the Lord and regularly attend services at the church.

Now, when Ratnakar attends church and sees the Jesus Well, he remembers the Living Water he received and how different his life would have been had he not stopped that day.

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