Learning to Read Changed Her Life
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 2

Learning to Read Changed Her Life

“After my father passed away, my dream of going to school disappeared.”

Anya explains, “I had to work from dawn to dusk to support my sickly mother and three siblings.”

It was hard for the young girl, year after year, to watch her friends go off to school, knowing she was being left behind in more ways than one. Even worse was the embarrassment of having to rely on others to read street signs and the names of shops to her.

As she grew older, Anya’s inability to read the Bible often brought her to tears. She was desperate for help.

She asked other women from the church to teach her, and though they helped her some, they couldn’t devote the time to help Anya like she wanted.

Just as she was ready to give up hope, Anya heard about an adult literacy class that the Women’s Fellowship at her church was starting.

Anya was the first person to sign up. She worked hard, and now she can read and write! She can even help her young son with his homework.

“My life has changed tremendously by taking this literacy class,” Anya shares, “and it’s truly wonderful!”

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